The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1973 Classmates.  We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate...  No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here...  Listing was taken directly from the 1973 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research.  A status of 'Located' indicates that more info is available from your class coordinator.

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1973 Section: A-C

1973 Classmates T-Z

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Taylor, LouLocatedWaymire, BonnieLocated
Taylor, RobertLocatedWeakley, GeriUnknown
Terry, Jymmejymran1@hotmail.comWeaver,
Thirstrup, NeilaLocatedWebb, DawnLocated
Thomas, Joycejojothomas73@juno.comWelch,
Thomas, Shelbyeldon1415@hotmail.comWesner, RandyDeceased - 07/05/2013 Independence, MO
Thomason, JackieLocatedWestmore, ElbertUnknown
Thurston, Garygt4orcee@aol.comWestwood, BarryLocated
Tiffin, Kennethneilt@neiltiffin.comWheeler, BeckyUnknown
Todd, PamelaUnknownWheeler, PatrickUnknown
Toellner, Larryviviansuet@hotmail.comWhite,
Toellner, LelandLocatedWhite,
Trapp, Rick LTrappri@cox.netWhite, GlennLocated
Tripp, GaryLocatedWhite,
Trotter, CindyLocatedWhitmire, ElbertLocated
Trowbridge, TerrellLocatedWhitworth, BobbyLocated
Tryon, EdwardLocatedWild,
Mary Turnermharves2@yahoo.comWilliams, ConnieLocated
Turner, Stevensteveturner55@yahoo.comWilliams, DavidDeceased - 1/25/2005 Placerville, CA
Turner, Territsqrd@aol.comWilliams,
Utterback, SusanDeceased - 06/04/1982 St Louis, MOWilliams, TeresaLocated
Vanderpool, JohnDeceased - 6/29/1972 MOWilliamson, BriceUnknown
Vaught, Nancynlvaught@hotmail.comWillis,
Veit, WandaDeceased - 10/31/2005 KUMedCtrWilloughby, DarrellUnknown
Vermillion, YvetteLocatedWilson,
Vest, SharonLocatedWilson, JudyLocated
Vise, SharonSharonvise@earthlink.netWilson,
Vitt, FrancesDeceased - 9/26/2004 Kansas City, MOWingo, TerryLocated
Vochatzer, BillLocatedWinking, RichardLocated
Vogan, DeanUnknownWise,
Wagenknecht, Karenkhooper_0919@yahoo.comWoltman, PatriciaLocated
Waits, JimJ.waits@wbbdlaw.comWood,
Walker, DeborahLocatedWopata,
Warmen, DavidDeceased - 11/14/2019 Independence, MOWorley, GeorgeUnknown
Warren, JimJwarren1955@live.comWynn, RobertLocated
Waterman, JudyUnknownYancey,
Watkins, Davechief_crown@sbcglobal.netYancey, WendyDeceased - 03/16/2008 San Jose, CA
Watters, LindaLocatedZackula, KimberlyLocated
Watterson, MaryLocatedZackula,
Watts, DebbieLocatedZander, DeniseLocated