The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1971 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the 1971 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research. Due to size considerations the list of classmates has been broken up into the following:
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1971 Classmates A-C

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Abbott, MarshaDeceased - 3/8/2010 Odessa, MOBrown, DavidLocated
Adams, JeffDeceased - 9/2/2004 Springfield, OHBrown, KathyLocated
Allen, Larryallensinal@earthlink.netBrown,
Allen, RichardDeceasedBrown,
Antrim, DeniseLocatedBrown, Robert DeanUnknown
Appleberry, CherriDeceased - 1/25/2008 Tunas, MOBrowning,
Arditto, LuchonLocatedBruns, LyndaDeceased - 1/18/2007 Lee's Summit, MO
Armstrong, DianeLocatedBuchholz,
Arnold, Thomaseaglefish99@aol.comBuddemeyer, JohnDeceased - 10/10/2013 Grain Valley, MO
Arnote, Jo GwenDeceased - 6/10/2011 Clinton, MOBurch, DonDeceased - 09/08/2002 Independence, MO
Asher, Mikemikeasher1953@att.netBurgess,
Ashurst, MadelineUnknownBurks, ChristinaLocated
Atkins, DennisLocatedBurns,
Atkinson, MickieHisServant@gbronline.comBurns, SherrieLocated
Atwood, Cherylgerrychiro@yahoo.comBusby, BobDeceased - 4/21/2011 Kingsville, MO
Atwood, OdettaLocatedBush,
Audet, Suesarmstrong10063@outlook.comButcher, Deborah SUnknown
Austin, MichaelLocatedButkovich, MaryLocated
Bagshaw, DavidLocatedButler, MaryLocated
Bailey, CherylLocatedButner, KarenLocated
Baird, Sandysandmvw@gmail.comCalhoon, CathyLocated
Baker, James Ddjet@iland.netCallahan, MikeUnknown
Baker, MichaelLocatedCalloway, SteveDeceased - 7/10/2018 Denton, TX
Baker, SharonLocatedCalovich,
Baker, SueDeceased - 07/02/2011 Blue Springs, MOCamp, Edward TLocated
Baldwin, Jimjimsclubs@gmail.comCamp, SandraLocated
Bales, Glendagrae1953@hotmail.comCampbell, JanaLocated
Ball, DennisLocatedCampfield, MelodyLocated
Ball, Michaelmball@bssd.netCanfield, JamesDeceased - 1/30/2006 Manassas, VA
Barber, Debbiednmbsc@gmail.comCannon, DeloresUnknown
Barker, JacquelynDeceased - 11/24/2021 Knoxville, TNCannon, JamesLocated
Barmore, Denise (Jackie)UnknownCapper, KayDeceased
Barr, RobertDeceased - 3/6/2007 Arkansas City, KSCarpenter,
Barrett, GaryLocatedCarpenter, JerryLocated
Bates, Garygary@michenerinvestments.comCarroll,
Beard, JohnUnknownCarson, PattiDeceased
Beatty, LindaLocatedCarter, PamelaUnknown
Beavers, PamUnknownCasey, NormaLocated
Becker, Jamesdjet53@yahoo.comCaylor
Becker, MarkLocatedChambers, StephenLocated
Beemont, GaleLocatedChapman, BeverlyLocated
Beets, DennisLocatedChaudet, PatriciaLocated
Behee, MelvinUnknownCheek, JudyUnknown
Bell, Gary LLocatedChilcutt,
Bell, BeckyLocatedChipley, DavidLocated
Bennett, KennethUnknownClaibourn, CathyLocated
Bergin, DebiLocatedClaibourn, JesseLocated
Berkebile, Randydberkebile@neb.rr.comClark,
Bernardina, ReginaUnknownClark, JoeyDeceased - 11/3/2010 Oak Grove, MO
Bickley, LindaLocatedClark, KarenLocated
Bieber, JuneLocatedClark, KimDeceased 9/10/1991
Biggers, Wiley WLocatedClayton, SandraLocated
Biggs, SuzyDeceased - 5/30/2018 Springfield, MOClippard, CindyDeceased - 6/19/2011 Lexington, MO
Bindi, CarolLocatedClosson, DavidDeceased
Blankenship, Jimjimbopith1@yahoo.comCobb, GaryDeceased - 12/22/21 Kansas City, MO
Blevins, BarbaraUnknownCoburn, GaryLocated
Boam, CarolynLocatedCockrum, DanielDeceased - 7/8/2019
Bockshammer, SteveDeceased - 3/6/2019 Independence, MOCoffer, MikeDeceased - 6/26/1984
Borges, CynthiaDeceasedCoil, WayneLocated
Boring, Lindallmccay@att.netCollins, Ronald CLocated
Bott, Sheryl LLocatedComer,
Bozarth, Janetjldobbins@att.netCook, SteveDeceased - 12/08/2013 Stone County, MO
Brandt, Diane ELocatedCooke, LynnLocated
Brawner, DebbieLocatedCoombs, PatriciaLocated
Breese, SusanUnknownCooper, EdLocated
Bruenig, VincentLocatedCopple, David
Brewer, RonaldDeceased - 7/5/2005 Independence, MOCopple, RonLocated
Brewington, SteveLocatedCorrell, WayneLocated
Brinkman, Jonathanbrinkmann@nmsu.eduCottrell,
Brittian, RichardLocatedCraig, Ernest DaleLocated
Brockhouse, Madeline EileenDeceased - 1/3/2014 Liberty, MOCraven, DavidDeceased - 07/27/1971 Albany, MO
Brockman, PaulLocatedCrawford,
Brockus, DonLocatedCrawley, GailLocated
Bromley, DebbieUnknownCross,
Brottlund, PhilipUnknownCullen, PamelaLocated
Brown, DarwinUnknownCzerwonka, LyndaLocated