The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1971 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the 1971 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research. Due to size considerations the list of classmates has been broken up into the following:
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1971 Classmates G-I

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Gabel, Pampjcarle53@hotmail.comHart, VictoriaLocated
Gagnon, ChrisDeceased - 11/6/2015 Kansas City, MOHarter, CliffordUnknown
Garcia, DebbieLocatedHarves, KarlaDeceased - 6/2/2018 Kansas City, MO
Garner, GeraldineLocatedHarvey, RebeccaUnknown
Gaskill, RichardLocatedHatfield, PaulLocated
Gawboy, Davidragtop53@msn.comHathhorn, BrentLocated
Gaylord, LindaDeceased - 6/26/2015 Blue Springs, MOHedrick, KathyDeceased - 11/6/2018 Kansas City, MO
Gillham, JimLocatedHeer, MarshaLocated
Gillis, DavidLocatedHeine, MichelleLocated
Glenn, PhyllisDeceased - 5/28/2018 Helfers, MarkDeceased - 08/23/2010 Blue Springs, MO
Goetz, BrendaLocatedHendrickson, SteveDeceased - 8/20/2017 Independence, MO
Gold, NancyLocatedHendrix, RonnieLocated
Golloday, BeckyUnknownHenley, RichardLocated
Graham, SusanDeceased - 1998 Lincoln, NEHerndon, RichardLocated
Graim, Debbiedkgray@kc.rr.comHesterberg, PaulaDeceased - 09/23/13 Columbia, MO
Gray, SteveDeceased - 12/2/1986Hickel, DavidDeceased - 03/01/2015 Grain Valley, MO
Grazda, EdwardLocatedHicks, Jimmie RUnknown
Greble, JanetLocatedHill,
Green, Lacy ELacylg@sbcglobal.netHill, MarthaUnknown
Green, ZeldaUnknownHillerman, DaveLocated
Greenwood, Patriciatricia@clemwood.comHodges, JamesDeceased - 09/02/1999 Grain Valley, MO
Greer, Betty JeanLocatedHolland,
Griffin, Donnasue111269@sbcglobal.netHolman,
Gross, VickieUnknownHolmes, JonDeceased - 10/31/1976 Des Moines, IA
Hall, Evelyn CUnknownHonn,
Hall, Janetdandjwman@sbcglobal.netHopkins,
Halley, Pampjrogers42@hotmail.comHopper, EdwinLocated
Hamilton, Sherrysaf@hotmail.comHousman, MarkLocated
Hansen, PaulaDeceased - 5/4/2007 Kansas City, MOHoward, ChristineUnknown
Hanson, PamelaUnknownHoward, BobLocated
Harbaugh, GlennDeceased - 8/18/2022 Independence, MOHoward, RoyDeceased - 12/5/2008 Lexington, MO
Harbin, DonaldLocatedHowerton, CathyDeceased - 4/2/2013 Lee's Summit, MO
Harkey, JeffLocatedHutchinson, MikeDeceased - 1/8/2007 Independence, MO
Harrell, Joseph DLocatedHyatt, GlennDeceased - 9/19/1973 Warsaw, MO
Hart, VeronicaDeceased - 1973Israel,