The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1974 Classmates.  We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate...  No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here...  Listing was taken directly from the 1974 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research.  A status of 'Located' indicates that more info is available from your class coordinator.

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1974 Classmates T-Z

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Jack TallyLocatedLinda WattersUnknown
Merrilyn Sue TannDeceased - 06/30/2016 Kansas City, MORebecca WayLocated
Linda TaylorLocatedClaudia WeaverUnknown
Richard TaylorLocatedCraig WeaverLocated
Joseph Theisenohtheisenjr2@att.netDwight WeaverLocated
Steven TheissBad EmailDenise WelchLocated
Laurie ThiemeLocatedCarolyn WelchertLocated
Edward ThomasLocatedDiane WellsLocated
Steven Thompsonsteve.thompson15@yahoo.comChristy WhiteLocated
David ThorpDeceased - 03/01/2010 Independence, MODeborah
Carol ThrasherBad EmailLavonne
Katherine Tibbsktkoon@gmail.comAndyla WiddersLocated
Robert TignorDeceased - 4/1/2007 Independence, MOBrenda
Brent TobinDeceased - 4/24/2012 Independence, MOSherrie WilcoxLocated
Michael TolleDeceased - 1992 MissouriAudrey WilliamsLocated
Remo Ann TolliverPapillionRAF@aol.comDean WilliamsLocated
Ralph Tomlinsonrdtomlinson@gmail.comWilliams,
Brian TracyDeceased - 11/18/2021 Independence, MOLowell WilliamsLocated
Gilbert TrevinoDeceased - 6/16/2014 MexicoMark WilliamsLocated
Candra Troopcandratroop@hotmail.comMike WilliamsDeceased
Cindy TrotterLocatedSuzanne WilliamsBad Email
James TurnerUnknownWayne WilliamsLocated
Kenneth TurnerUnknownJohn WilsonLocated
Deborah UnruhLocatedJulie WilsonDeceased - 1983 KS
Utterback, VickieDeceased - 2/27/2013 Oak Grove, MONancy WilsonLocated
Joe VanceLocatedDeborah WinfreyLocated
Joseph VaughanUnknownLarry WingertLocated
Stephen Vaughansvaughan34@aol.comMichael WinklerLocated
Christina VisentineLocatedWilma WisdomLocated
Thomas VisnichLocatedJoseph
Vickie Vogelmej.wave@earthlink.netPatricia WoolseyDeceased - 7/11/2022 Laurie, MO
Sam WadeLocatedCurtis WrightLocated
Susan WaitLocatedCharles WyattLocated
Larry WalkerDeceased - 2/28/2015 Oak Grove, MOBrummell, RachelleLocated
Lois WalkerLocatedBen D YoungUnknown
Carol WallaceUnknownDebbie RichardsonLocated
Peggy Wallacecrow4rep@yahoo.comJerry YoungLocated
Randy WallanderLocatedLinda LeeLocated
Leroy WallrappLocatedSteve YoungLocated
Mark WalterLocatedChristopher YountsLocated
Todd Walterspanato@yahoo.comIsidro YzquierdoUnknown
Kim WarrenBuckwackers01@aol.comShirley ZackulaLocated
Terri Watermanterripwc_asw@cox.netPamela
Janet WaterworthLocatedDavid ZinkLocated
Nita WatsonLocated