The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1964 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the 1964 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research. A status of 'Located' indicates that more info is available from your class coordinator.
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1964 Classmates D-F

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Curtis DanielsDeceasedRichard
Richard DaviesLocatedVirginia EvansLocated
Robert DavisLocatedRon
Sandra DayLocatedRobert FabishLocated
Phillip DeedsLocatedTom FeeneyUnknown
Robert DennisDeceased - 12/27/2020 Kingsville, MODonald FellersUnknown
Verlyn DickeyDeceased - 6/6/1996 Buffalo, MOKaren
Suellen DonnelsonLocatedCyrus FieldsLocated
Donna DooresLocatedJanet FieldsLocated
Dean DormanUnknownAntionette
Carl Doughtycedcad1440@msn.comHerbert FisherLocated
Donald DowdyLocatedRichard FisherLocated
Diana DuffeyLocatedTerry FisherLocated
John Dunfeejdunfee@nova32.comJanie FlippinLocated
Melvyn Dunkerleymel.dunkerley@mail.spring.comJohn FoleyLocated
Agnes DunnUnknownMarcia
Donna DuranLocatedDennis FordLocated
Edwards, JoDeceased - 2004 or 2005 Sacramento, CASteven FordDeceased - 1997
Kenneth EisenbrandtLocatedPaula ForgeyLocated
Carolyn EkstromDeceased - 03/03/2003 Kansas City, MOCheryl FosterUnknown
Larry ElliottLocatedBarton FriedmanUnknown
Larry EnloeLocatedSheila