The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1982 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the yearbook pictures and supplemented with additional research. Due to size considerations the list of classmates has been broken up into the following:
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1982 Classmates P-S

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Kelvin PaigeUnknownTrocelia SandersUnknown
Sherri ParkerUnknownCrystal SartainUnknown
Payton, Ginapay10place@aol.comJeff SayeUnknown
Marshall PecinaUnknownJanet
Debra Peeddmeads@sbcglobal.netWanda Faye SchineUnknown
Charles PerryUnknownGayla
Derrick PettyUnknownJames ScottUnknown
Lynda PhillipsUnknownKen
Shelia PhillipsUnknownMichael ShawUnknown
Lynda Phillips MillerUnknownDiedre SheltonUnknown
Carlos Pinonpinon.carlos@yahoo.comJack SheltonUnknown
Jeff Poolejeffpoole@gmail.comPam SheltonUnknown
Shelly PorterfieldUnknownMike
Eric Pottseric.potts@gillis.orgPeter ShiversUnknown
Dana PouncilUnknownHarvey ShoateUnknown
Chantay PowellUnknownBrian ShropshireUnknown
Lena PowellUnknownLaura SimienUnknown
Tina PrattUnknownSandra SimmonsUnknown
Lynn PriceBiglynn5202@aol.comSteve SimpsonUnknown
Susan PrinsUnknownCharlie
Terri PritchettUnknownBrenda SiskUnknown
Lisa PurseUnknownSusan SiyUnknown
Delwyn RaineyUnknownTeresa SkinnerUnknown
George Raygeorge2090@sbcglobal.netBrian P
Gregory RayUnknownJacqueline SmithUnknown
Debbie ReedUnknownJanice SmithUnknown
Vaughn Reesevaughnreese@hotmail.comNina
Jackie ReillyUnknownTanya SmithUnknown
Pamela RhodesUnknownScott SnowdenUnknown
Belinda RiceLocatedGloria SpeakmanUnknown
Stephanie RiepeUnknownNeil
Kenneth RoeUnknownDianna StaggsUnknown
Scott RogersUnknownLeonard StallingsUnknown
Silverio RosasUnknownKathy StevensUnknown
Joe RossUnknownGreg StillianUnknown
Linda Rosslfb1129@aol.comRichard StoreyUnknown
Julie RoyalUnknownJeffrey StricklandUnknown
Donna RudyUnknownTammy StruttonUnknown
Vincent SalinasLocatedMellody
William SalvaUnknownKevin SwanDeceased - 12/24/2009 Belton, TX