The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1977 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the 1977 Yearbook Pictures and supplemented with additional research. A status of 'Located' indicates that more info is available from your class coordinator.
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1977 Classmates P-S

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Colleen PairUnknownMike SampsonUnknown
David Paytoneng1neer37@aol.comLupe SanchezUnknown
Joseph Pearcelocojo@earth-comm.comDonna SandersUnknown
David PenningtonUnknownMona
James PenningtonLocatedMike SartainUnknown
Debbie PerdueUnknownRita SatariUnknown
Debbie Perrykdd@ctcis.netStuart SchelpUnknown
Khiet PhamUnknownMary SchmidtUnknown
Peggy PhillipsUnknownTom
Shawna PhillipsUnknownRenee ScottUnknown
Mike PolinaDeceased - 12/23/1988 Kansas City, MODonna SharonUnknown
Janet PorterfieldUnknownKary SharpUnknown
Karen PorterfieldUnknownSam ShawUnknown
Michael PottDeceasedCharles ShieldsUnknown
Patty PottsUnknownVincent ShockleyUnknown
Ruth PowellUnknownNancy SimpsonUnknown
Jeff Propstjeffpropst@comcast.netRobert SinclairDeceased - 06/27/2009 Camdenton, MO
Lanetta PryerUnknownThomas
Marsha PulleyUnknownDebbie SmithUnknown
Cynthia RaheLocatedMargaret SmithUnknown
Les Rappmtnotter59@yahoo.comMelissa
Gregory RasaUnknownSteve SmithUnknown
Cheryl ReneauUnknownPaula SmitkaDeceased - 03/16/2014 Independence, MO
Renfrow, Robertworfner@hotmail.comJeffery SnappUnknown
Susie Renfrowlcrawford98@yahoo.comPam SnowUnknown
Janette RichardsonUnknownNancy StaggsUnknown
Robert RickeyUnknownKelly StalkerDeceased - 10/7/2008 Lee's Summit, MO
Bruce RickeyEmail InvalidKen StarrUnknown
Michael RodakUnknownVic StasiUnknown
Rick RodenbaughLocatedJimmy StevensonUnknown
Brenda Roebrendadcox@yahoo.comLisa
Bruce RoeUnknownJames StierUnknown
Kim RootUnknownPaula StoneUnknown
Robin Rossrobinsut@aol.comDonald StopppelmoorUnknown
James Whitford Ross IIIUnknownBill StreeterUnknown
Cindy RotzUnknownTerri SullivanUnknown
Jackie RowanUnknownJanice
Terry RoyerUnknownAngie SwansonUnknown
Robert Russellmartini0692010@yahoo.comPeggy SwihartUnknown