Van Horn offers each and every graduating year a chance to participate in the development of this web page if they so desire.  As Webmaster I will coordinate with the webmaster for your year and assist them is making a presentation that is additional to the basic presentation that I have put together here.
I use Microsoft FrontPage/Web Expressions for the web site here.  Using that software it is a simple job to integrate 'sub-web' handling for each year.
This additional presentation can be a reunion update page, or an area with current status of the graduate, Van Horn students that married Van Horn students, or just generally a what's happening with your year.  Pictures of Classmates, past and present are encouraged.
A separate login/sub-web can be set up so that you, as a webmaster for your year, can upload pages, etc. at your leisure without having to go through me each time you do so.  I simply put a 'hook' into the primary page for your year which will call the information that is presented in these personalized pages.
It is expected that all presentations will be in good taste.  One should also use good technique and presentation so that the web page is not necessarily slowed down with information that is not easily downloaded... i.e. HTML coding is a lot smaller and easier to download than a large graphic file.  For instance, use HTML to code a flyer type page for an event you are having rather than try to upload a large graphic file that would do the same thing.
Keep graphics to a minimum size using a .jpg format for instance.  Thumbnails are also a good lead-in to a larger graphic so that the viewer doesn't have to download a picture unless they choose to do so.  Graphic files should be kept to a size around 200K or less for ease of downloading, and it is even better if they are less than 100K. I have found that 640x480 pictures are really a nice size to download and view. Linked from a thumbnail it makes a quick and easy presentation.
vanhorn.org has over 600 pages on line and over 14,000 students listed just to handle the seniors.  It has that number again in juniors that are pictured, of not more.  Please help keep things under control here and easily presentable.
I have been following some basic guides as I present the students here.  I have found that the pictures were not of any standard format... size, orientation, etc.  For the cropped view I'm doing (ready for nametags, etc.) I am making them 125 x 165 pixels.  These are also the pictures that are flashing up on a couple of the years... 1972 and 1967 in particular.  I am making the officers 150 x 200 pixels.  The small yearbook presentation on the first page are 100 x 138 pixels.  The officers on the first page are 100 x 133 pixels.  Each year seniors are of a size for their particular year only.  There seems to be no standard.
The weather is a free access item from The Weather Underground at www.wunderground.com.  When appropriate I have purchased the software that is being used on the web site.  These include but are not limited to Microsoft Web Expressions which is the latest edition that uses the FrontPage Extensions. I also use Araneae as my programming editor. I have presented a calendar and that is aspWebCalendar2008 by Full Revolution. I use Corel Paint Shop Pro to edit the pictures. I use IrfanView to assist in quickly evaluating the pictures. WebWiz CAPTCHA is used for form security. WebWiz Hosted Forums are being used.
There are some examples of 'freeware' that an author has released to the public domain and requires no payment. Most of these are the little Java Applets that I use.

Roy Timberman ('67)