The goal here is to have a basic listing of 2015 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the yearbook pictures and supplemented with additional research. Due to size considerations the list of classmates has been broken up into the following:

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2015 Classmates P-S

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Gilberto PerezUnknownAleah RoyUnknown
Taylor PerryUnknownAlicia SalazarUnknown
Shantaha PersingerUnknownVictoria~Lynn Salcedo~RepineUnknown
Virgil Pettorss, JrUnknownFaanimo SamanaUnknown
Dannielle PettyjohnUnknownAngel Lee SandlinUnknown
Esperanza PinonUnknownErik SandovalUnknown
Dayana Plaisime'UnknownHarley Schwarz-DeckerUnknown
Michel PowellUnknownKimberlynn ScottUnknown
Luis PraderUnknownJohnny Scribner, JrUnknown
Morgan ProdehlUnknownZachary ShieldsUnknown
Angel Pujols De La CruzUnknownTony-O Malachi SimpsonUnknown
Erika RabagoUnknownAngel
Joshua RamirezUnknownDustin R SmithUnknown
Christopher RandallUnknownKurtis SmithUnknown
Tiana ReevesUnknownNicholas SmithUnknown
Javier Reyes RuizUnknownStevie SmithUnknown
Travon RichardUnknownTatianna SmithUnknown
Jacob Wayne RicheyUnknownTaylor SmithUnknown
Victoria RiddleUnknownGary SnellUnknown
Kimberlyn Rios MerazUnknownBailey SnyderUnknown
Irvin Staney RiveraUnknownNoah SnyderUnknown
Jesse RiversUnknownOsvaldo SotoUnknown
Miguel RoaUnknownZachary SpragueUnknown
Ivan Gabriel RodriguezUnknownDestiny StaggsUnknown
Remynessa Rodriquez-VargasUnknownHarrison StallingsUnknown
Jose RojasUnknownJacob StewartUnknown
Jason RurrerUnknownAaron Joseph StinsonUnknown
Chelsea RossUnknown