The goal here is to have a basic listing of 1984 Classmates. We hope that the 'Current Status' can evolve to contain an Email address, Located (contact the coordinator for further info), or a status of Deceased if appropriate... No phone numbers/physical addresses will be displayed here... Listing was taken directly from the yearbook pictures and supplemented with additional research. Due to size considerations the list of classmates has been broken up into the following:
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1984 Classmates A-C

Classmate Status Classmate Status
Raymond AcklinUnknownTeresa
Darryl AdamsLocatedRoslyn
Valerie Adamsvrogers16@yahoo.comWillliam BufordUnknown
Andrew AllenUnknownSherry
Julius AllenUnknownKent
Rayce AndersonLocatedMack BurkhardUnknown
Steve AndersonUnknownBervin ByersUnknown
Erma AntwineLocatedSherri CadeUnknown
Franklin AshleyUnknownBill
Angie AtwayUnknownLisa
Norma BandyUnknownAndrea CampUnknown
Robert Bellamyrjbellamypmp@gmail.comBridgette CampbellUnknown
Gayleen Bemboomgrgreer1@cox.netTracy CanadyDeceased - 07/17/2003 KCMO
Wanda Bemboomwricks@fairpoint.netYolanda CanadyUnknown
Lisa BenidictUnknownCannon,
Barry BlandUnknownEric CantrellUnknown
Christine BlandUnknownKent CantrellUnknown
Mike BledsoeUnknownShawn CaseyUnknown
Lawrence BloodUnknownVictor CharlesUnknown
Anthony BogaczUnknownRobert ChaseUnknown
Erin BombardUnknownChristian, LisaDeceased - 11/2/2003 Indep, MO
Sheila BookerUnknownGreg
David BooneUnknownJohn ClarkUnknown
James BowmanUnknownNancy ClarkUnknown
Kelly BoydUnknownShuanta ClarkUnknown
Ted BreshearsUnknownYolanda ClarkUnknown
Kelli BrigmanKellikels2@aol.comRhonda ClemonsLocated
Michael BrooksLocatedCalvin CopperwoodUnknown
Cleveland BrownUnknownSharlene CrabteeeUnknown
Tim BrownsbergerUnknownCheryl CrockettUnknown
Dana Buchholzdbuchholz@kc.rr.comDoyle CrockettUnknown