Van Horn High School
Possible Additional Resource Information
Some of the listings below can be of value in trying to locate a classmate.  More often than not they are simply a place to take your money with few results.  I have found a lot of the listings to be out of date, or they refuse to give you information about your classmate without payment of their 'fees'.   In other cases the listing is simply an email exchange based on a VH class, etc.  I advise caution before you give anyone money.  You may not get what you wanted at all.  We do not charge any fees of any kind here at nor will we do so.   I have recently deleted several sites since they simply no longer exist... I'll try to keep up with this but it is sometimes quite a job to do so.
Classmates ( )  Contact classmates.
Yet another classmates meeting place.  (
Reunion Announcements.  ( ) and
( ) is another alumni possibility.
Yahoo! Clubs & Groups
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