Year     1966
Name     Pamela Sue Peden
Yearbook     Pamela Peden
Bio     Keith and I attended the 2001 class reunion, started dating and married in 2006! We live at Keith's place west of Harrisonville. We have 30 acres, 2 horses and 2 mules. I began riding after I began dating Keith. He had ridden for years (always Mules). I purchased a Missouri Fox Trotter and am still learning about horse behavior and trying to be the "boss", but he knows I am still a greenhorn. We go trailriding several times a year,usually in Southern Missouri in state parks. We have a horsetrailer with living quarters (no camping for Pam)! We both still work(boo). I have one daughter, married and living in Denver-no children. Keith has 2 sons, both married and 4 grandchildren total. We are always busy around the farm and love living in the country.
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