Year     1962
Name     Judy A Mead
Yearbook     Judy Mead
Bio     Bill (Chauncey '62) and I are very proud of our family (see Bill's bio). Our grandson Brad just turned 8 and our granddaughter Erin will soon be 5. I have worked as a secretary and bookkeeper (and other jobs) at intermittent times during the past 40 yrs. When we moved to Powhatan, I started my 2nd childhood (age 39) and took up horseback riding. Of course it pleases me that the grandkids want to go to the "barn" every time they come over. I've had a hand in almost every aspect of the work there, including mucking stalls, doctoring wounds, teaching and doing computer work for summer camp as well as working at and riding in horse shows. Bill and I joked about submitting a current picture of the "real me" covered in mud after working at the barn. My barn friends have nicknamed me "Pig Pen". I have a fairly large garden every summer and we freeze and can a lot of goods.
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